First defense

What it was:
Legal assistance and research
Open Society Foundations
Secretaria de Segurança Pública

Legal assistance and rights advisory

In March 2014, the IDDD started the project “First Defense: the right of defense in police investigations”. Based on the recognition that the right of defense must be observed from the moment that a criminal investigation begins, the project offered free legal assistance during shifts in police districts in the city of São Paulo. The objective was to monitor the elaboration of the arrest in the act reports, guiding the prisoners through police interrogation, in addition to monitoring the procedures until an accusation was filed.

The IDDD also began a partnership with a group of researchers to compile the data collected during duty shifts and in the law suits, in order to compare the results of the police inquiries in which there was legal assistance from the beginning, with those cases in which the prisoner was unassisted at the police station.


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