Freedom on focus

What it was:
Strategic litigation and research
Fundo Brasil de Direitos Humanos e OAK Foundation
SAP e Secretaria de Justiça e Cidadania

Through legal assistance and influence in the Judiciary, the IDDD sought to combat the abusive use of provisional detention

Following its tradition and vocation for voluntary law practice for those in need, in 2014, the IDDD idealized the project “Focus on Freedom: reducing the abusive use of pre-trial detention in the state of São Paulo”. Held with the support of the Penitentiary Management Office and the Justice and Citizenship Office, the project took place at the Provisional Detention Center I in Guarulhos. In addition to providing legal assistance to prisoners, we focus on the São Paulo judiciary system in order to encourage the application of alternative precautionary measures to prison and to stimulate public and technical-legal debate so that provisional prison is in fact understood and applied as an exceptional measure. With the information collected during the assistance given to prisoners and in the analysis of the cases and habeas corpus filed at the São Paulo Court of Justice, the Superior Court of Justice and the Supreme Federal Court (STF), the Institute developed a report, which was intended to put into discussion the improper use of pre-trial detention.

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