SOS Freedom

2011 - 2012
What is it:
legal assistance, strategic litigation and research
Open Society Foundations
SAP (Secretaria de Administração Penitenciária)

Analysis of the impact of the law on precautionary measures in the Judiciary System of São Paulo and legal assistance to more than 340 people arrested
Between 2011 and 2012, the IDDD carried out the SOS Freedom project, which aimed to verify the impact of the precautionary measures law (Law No. 12,403/2011) on the São Paulo Judiciary system, especially in the abusive use of preventive detention in the capital of the state of São Paulo.

During the project, 537 prisoners were attended at the Provisional Detention Center I of Pinheiros (SP). Subsequently, we provided pro bono legal assistance to 344 attended people who did not have a lawyer. In parallel with the legal assistance work carried out by volunteer lawyers of the project, the IDDD sought to collect data on the effectiveness of defense in specific cases and on the application of Law No. 12,403/2011, in particular on the use of alternative precautionary measures provisional arrest.
The volunteers of the project, in addition to visiting the prison unit for a personal interview with the prisoners assisted, were responsible for seeking the flexibilization of their arrest in the act and/or the revocation of the preventive prison subsequently decreed, seeking, alternatively, the application of the precautionary measures alternative to imprisonment provided in Law No. 12,403/2011.
The report with the systematization of these data can be accessed by clicking here.

Access the report with the project data here.


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