Livreria Project

What was it:
reading stimulus project

In two years, project promoted donations of books to prison units in São Paulo

The LIVREria project was conceived in March 2009 aiming to encourage the constitution of bibliographic collections in São Paulo prison units, especially in Provisional Detention Centers. The IDDD collected, organized and delivered books in prisons, custody hospitals, public prisons and provisional detention centers throughout the state of São Paulo. Until the end of 2011, the monthly deliveries could be monitored by donors. In addition, it was possible for associates and partners in the cause to make cash donations for the purchase and distribution of the titles. During the two years in which it was carried out, the project collected and distributed more than 7 thousand volumes throughout the state of São Paulo.

See the units benefited from the project:

  • Biblioteca CEU Vila Rubi
  • Centro de Detenção Provisória – Araraquara
  • Centro de Detenção Provisória – Chácara Belém II
  • Centro de Detenção Provisória – Guarulhos II
  • Centro de Detenção Provisória – Itapecerica da Serra
  • Centro de Detenção Provisória – Pinheiros I
  • Centro de Detenção Provisória – Santo André
  • Centro de Detenção Provisória – Suzano
  • Centro de Progressão Penitenciária Feminino do Butantan
  • Hospital de Custódia e Tratamento Psiquiátrico II de Franco da Rocha
  • Instituto Penal Agrícola “Prof. Noé Azevedo” – Bauru
  • Penitenciária Adriano Marrey – Guarulhos II
  • Penitenciária Dr. Sebastião Martins Silveira – Araraquara
  • Penitenciária Feminina da Capital
  • Penitenciária Feminina de Santana
  • Penitenciária de Tremembé
  • Penitenciária II de Presidente Venceslau


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