Sentence on Trial

2010 - 2014
What is it:
Art and communication
Ambev, Banco do Brasil, CSN e Mattos FIlho
Heco Produções

The result of a partnership with Heco Produções, “Sentence on Trial” documentary shows the reality of the Brazilian criminal justice system

Directed by Eugênio Puppo, the “Sentence on Trial” documentary takes us through the hellish life of Brazilian prisons to expose the reality of the country’s justice system, showing how slowness, prejudice and the culture of fear only amplify the violence and social abyss that already exist in our society. In 2014, the film was selected among more than 600 productions to open the 47th Brasília Festival of Brazilian Cinema, held in September in the Federal Capital. At the end of the seven day event, it won the most important audience award of the competition: the best feature film in the opinion of the popular jury and was contemplated by several others. The documentary joined the commercial circuit in 13 cities at Itaú Cinema Space. After this, in partnership with Taturana Social Mobilization, was part of the alternative circuit, with more than 700 exhibitions, followed by a debate in public organizations such as the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Justice, the National Council of the Public Ministry, Public Defenders’ Offices; in addition to schools and colleges.

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