The Inmate Education for Citizenship Program

2010 to the present
What it is:
Legal empowerment
Daniella Meggiolaro, Mariana Chamelette e Renata Mariz de Oliveira
SAP (Secretaria de Administração Penitenciária de São Paulo)
Currently funded by Brazil Foundation, Ecid has historically been funded by IDDD associates (who also work voluntarily in the project)

During a whole decade, the initiative has been debating fundamental rights, prosecutions and criminal enforcement with prisoners, democratizing legal information

The codes, terms and expressions of the legal field can become obstacles to the full exercise of the right of defense. Often, people deprived of their liberty have little to no knowledge of the details of their own cases. In more than 10 years of existence, the The Inmate Education for Citizenship Program has as one of its flags the commitment to make information about criminal proceedings accessible to prisoners. With two editions a year, the IDDD promotes a series of meetings between its associates and persons deprived of their liberty in different prison units, providing discussions on how the State works, what fundamental rights are for and what are the stages of the penal process. Expanding the portfolio based on exchanges between the project’s two main audiences, the prison population and the institute’s associates, the project forms multiplying agents inside and outside prisons.

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