IDDD in Congress

2017 até o presente
What is it:
Advocacy e comunicação
Sigrid Rausing Trust
Rede Justiça Criminal

The IDDD monitors the legislative process by encouraging progress and seeking to control setbacks in the area of human rights

Through advocacy strategies, we act on the Legislative Power together with movements and other organizations to convince parliamentarians to commit to human rights. We participate, on one hand, in the creation of bills and other initiatives that strengthen the right of defense and, on the other hand, in the monitoring and control of setbacks, especially in criminal and democratic matters. Throughout the legislative procedure, we also participate in public hearings and provide technical subsidies to qualify the debate on topics of interest for the Institute, thus contributing to actions that strengthen the right of defense and the Rule of Law. The IDDD also has a group of associates engaged in the collective construction of legislative advocacy strategies.

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